About us

Composite Cluster Singapore (CCS) is a Singapore based composite engineering office, providing services for the development of high end composite products and technologies.

As engineered materials, composite materials must be developed through an advanced R&D process, intimately tying design, analysis and manufacturing studies in a Design for Manufacturing effort. We offer and promote such comprehensive composite engineering as the key to achieving optimal products.

We are proud to help our customers gaining knowledge in composite solutions and supporting them throughout their entire product development process. Our mission is to become a regional competence center to foster the regional composite ecosystem and enable customers for global markets.

Who are we ?

As a multinational engineering team, we possess versatile skillsets and expertise. With backgrounds ranging from academics to industrial experts, design engineers to manufacturing specialists, our team gathers in-depth knowledge and competences dedicated to industrial applications of advanced composites.

Our strengths: expertise and partnership 

CCS can rely on a powerful network of industrials partners. Amongst our partners are multiple actors of the composite industry on a global scale, which are material manufacturers, manufacturing process developers, software companies, academic entities, etc. In this regard, CCS spearheaded the creation of the Composite Application Center (CAC) a Singapore based consortium of composite companies aiming to foster the development of advanced composites by delivering industry and application focused services to specific markets. Together with these partners, we provide the full spectrum of composites solutions, from early-stage feasibility assessments to manufacturing of components.