Composite Application Center Partners

Founded in 2018, the Composite Application Center is a Singapore based consortium of international companies which aims to drive the development of advanced composites in the ASEAN region and globally. It is the perfect breeding ground for innovative technologies to emerge, and collaboration to form around large composite projects. Together, its members gather versatile knowledge of the advanced composite value chain, enabling them to deliver application focused services to specific regional and global markets. 



Part of the larger Fraunhofer Society, Fraunhofer IGCV is an applied research institution dedicated to the fields of lightweight casting, advanced composite and automated production technologies. Their expertise as a technology consultant covers a large array of composite related fields, including but not limited to: material characterisation and analysis, prototyping, process design, testing technologies, industrialisation plans, etc.

Filacon Systems (by Tajima GmbH) specializes in the development of fiber laying machines (Tailored Fiber Placement, TFP). Acting primarily in aircraft, automotive systems, machine and ship building, their range of industrials machines are designed to create tailored preforms. Under the specific input of the user, fibers are laid on a textile base material following a predetermined pattern, right before being further processed into composites. They also developed wire laying machines, used in various applications requiring conductivity (e.g. seat heating systems in cars).

Cevotec GmbH is at the forefront of fiber patch placement (FPP) for composite systems. This recent technology enables the additive manufacturing of 3D complex geometries, in a fully automated and flexible manner: patches of materials are automatically deposited in a specific sequence onto a mold to obtain a tailored composite, which properties are fully optimized.

By achieving an integrated solution with their high-tech robot series SAMBA, and the piloting software ARTIST STUDIO, Cevotec succeeded in transferring FPP technology from the laboratory into an active industrial production system, paving the way in the field of selective architecture for composite materials.

Stratagem Group is involved in the development of new technology for aerospace Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO). The group is active in training for support programs, incubation of pioneering MRO technologies and guidance of public and private actors of the field for industrial change.

Their Singapore based subsidiary Stratagem Innovation Singapore aims to develop the CAC ecosystem, and support the creation a regional certified composite repair facility and a center for MRO training.

With over 25 years of experience, Sakura Tech is a certified specialist of high precision plastics injection. Whether it is in electronics, automotive or medical, they are engaged in multiple market and cover all the aspects of plastics part manufacturing: tool design, prototyping, process, etc. They involvement with the CAC will extend the process capabilities of the group, specially in regards to automation and injected fibre reinforced thermoplastics.

SCG Chemicals is one of the major integrated petrochemical companies in the ASEAN region. They produce primarily 3 types of resin systems for several industries (polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride). Their core values lie in continuous development and improvement of their processes for the creation of high value-added products. To this extend, SCG is now involved in high-performance composite material design. The company is bringing to the CAC its materials expertise, large scale manufacturing and R&D capabilities.


The high-tech company iNDTact GmbH is developing and producing sensor systems especially for fiber reinforced composite devices as G-FRP and C-FRP. Their USP: iNDTact sensors make these devices sensitive as human beings and enable a monitoring of their integrity. This goal is achieved upon a maximum of compatibility, extreme robustness, full embeddability and highest sensitivity of their sensor systems.

The sensors can be applied in any field, especially weight light construction, such as: Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Med-Tech, Oil & Gas, Sporting equipment, Wind energy, etc.

iNDTact offers sensor system solutions with

  • universal compatibilty and small cross section
  • highest sensitivity and bandwidth
  • simple and robust fitting

Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme is a manufacturer of machining tools, expert in composite machining. European leader of the field, their strength relies on the design of process-optimized and material-specific tools. Their vast range of products are customer specified, hence based on actual industrial cases. This is perfectly suited for high-performance composite applications, 

Plasmatreat specializes in plasma treatments, a crucial factor of enhancement for composite manufacturing and assembly (surfaces preparations and cleaning, coating, etc.). Their range of activities covers manufacturing and distribution of plasma equipment through their Openair-Plasma patented technology (an atmospheric pressure plasma technology), and surface treatment services.

Singapore Polytechnic is an institute of higher education, the oldest of those institutes in Singapore. The School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering joined CAC to foster industry-academic collaboration on composite structures, repair and advanced polymers. Industry and application focused, its graduates are hands-on and can train on the extensive number of machines they possess (NDT equipment, TFP machine, arm robots, etc.).

Covestro specializes into the production of premium polymers, and is active in multiple industries such as automotive, construction or electronics. Their portfolio includes thousands of material solutions which tackle the various demands of their customers: lightweight applications, waterproof components, high-performance and cost-effective polymers, etc. They primarily focus on polyurethanes, polycarbonates, and coatings or adhesives.

Admiralty is one of the main composite structure manufacturers in Singapore. Traditionally focused on marine applications (fiberglass boats, repairs, structural products) the company is now working in several fields, including aerospace and defense.  It has more than 20 year of proven experience working with composite structures and technologies such as infusion, robot machining, mold making, autoclave curing.