KDX Launch

Weyarn, Germany, 6 June 2017: It was a big day for KDX. They celebrated the Grand Opening of their R&D Center in Weyarn with distinguished guests such as Mr. Yu Zhong (President of Kangde Group), Mrs Ilse Aigner (Bavarian state minister of economic affairs and media, energy and technology), Mr. Mingde Shi (Ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China), Mr. Peng He (MD KDX Eurpore Composites R&D Center GmbH), Prof. Dr. Klaus Drechsler (Head of TUM's institute for carbon composites) and Mr. Georg Fritzmeier (CEO Fritzmeier Group).


Dr. Florian Doetzer and Mr. Peng He at opening ceremony

Dr. Florian Doetzer was personally invited by Mr. Peng He. This significant milestone for KDX Europe offered the perfect opportunity to catch up on KDX's development. The relationship between CCS and KDX gained in significance already in November 2016, when KDX co-sponsored CCS's startup challenge. Discussions with important stakeholders and touring the new facilities provided good insights in the setup of the center. The 3,000sqm large facility has a focus on applied R&D, a comericalization of university research.

CCS @Rotorcraft Asia 2017

Singapore, 19 April 2017: Dr Florian Doetzer was invited to speak at the conference "Global Vision of Composites in the Helicopter Sector", part of the Rotorcraft Asia 2017 Exhibition, organized by JEC Group in Changing Exhibition on 18-20. April 2017.

He emphasized the increased importance of weight savings for rotary wing aircraft compared to fixed wing aircraft and showed the resulting high percentage of composites usage in helicopter structures. 

Showcasing some remarkable examples he highlighted the importance of streamlining the design and manufacturing processes to achieve superior components. He went on to point out some common manufacturing challenges that affect the structural performance or manufacturing cost of composite components.

Overall, using software tools for composites helicopter components’ design and manufacturing can make a decisive difference regarding productivity and managing the increasing complexity of optimized designs.

CCS @NAMIC AM Summit 2017

Singapore, 6 April 2017: CCS participated with Dr. Florian Doetzer as speaker in the NAMIC AM Summit Series - Aerospace summit at Singapore Expo. 

Together with Peter Rogers from Autodesk he spoke about opportunities through integrating Additive Manufacturing and Composite technologies.

CCS and Autodesk chose this unconventional approach of doing a joint presentation, rather than separate ones to highlight the synergies between Additive Manufacturing and Composites industries. NAMIC’s AM Summit provided an excellent platform for this discussion.

Presentation by Dr Florian Doetzer and Peter Rogers

The trend to digitise design and manufacturing processes, as well as the need to further improve the performance of products is driving both technologies - AM and Composites. While both share similar approaches regarding the design process - composites are made by an “additive” fashion after all - their strengths play out in different types of structures. While AM excels in extremely complex, but usually rather small components, composites are great for large / longish structures optimised for strength vs. weight. The intelligent combination of both technologies provides large opportunities. The challenge is to manage complexity of design, as well as to integrate the manufacturing of both.

The expected benefits are stunning however. Getting the best of both worlds will result in lightweight, efficient and functionally integrated components.

CCS will collaborate with SUTD to kick off a project in this direction in June 2017. The project is funded by NAMIC and will explore guidelines and rule-sets for the combination of both technologies.


CCS @JEC World 2017 in Paris

This year, CCS used JEC World 2017 in Paris, to play an active part of the composite industry. The most exciting event was the global launch of the SAMBA fiber patch preforming machine from CCS's Partner Cevotec.


A very interesting exhibit was an actual crane boom by RIBA Composite and the Building Planet pavilion.

Crane Boom by RIBA

Big players of the aerospace industry were represented, but the excitement came from the automobile. There were many over moulding production and exhibits that clearly showed the progress this industry made in using composites.

The rapid use of overmolding and compression moulding manufacturing processes in the automobile industry will propel other industries to do the same. CCS strongly believes that this method will also be the most doable in Singapore because of it already mature plastic injection moulding industry. 

Material manufacturers were represented through suppliers such as SGL Carbon, Teijin, Mitsubishi, Toray, Nippon Steel, etc. Mitsui Chemical was participating for the first time in Paris. They were promoting themselves as an end to end solution provider, which makes them particularly interesting for the Asian market. 
As CCS is very active in the area of manufacturing processes, their representatives engaged with relevant machines and equipment exhibitors. Another interesting area was in the post composite production secondary processes, as in sanding, edge cutting and NDT.

Overall CCS's visit and engagement with JEC World was a business enlarging and vibrant interaction. We are looking forward to continue our representation at the Rotorcraft 2017 exhibition in Singapore mid April 2017. Dr Doetzer was invited by JEC Group to present at their co-located conference "Global Vision of Composites in the Helicopter Sector.


This year, CCS was present on the International Composites Conference “Composites in Rail and Automotive: Trends, Innovations and Opportunities” was held on the 15th and 16th of June, 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand. Chiemi Avila Mori, Design Engineer at CCS, covered the topic “Modern Carbon Fiber Composites Production Processes” in her presentation. 

This week, CCS will host a seminar on Software for Advanced Composite Design and Manufacturing on JEC ASIA 2016. The main topics covered are:

  • Design-Optimisations of composite structures based on lay-up parameterization 
  • Composite pressure vessel design and analysis using Composicad software
  • Composites development in the high performance enterprise
  • Radical market changes in robotics and their effects on the industry and market


The conference is a follow up to the talk held in Bangkok earlier this year. The main objective of the talk was to introduce the audience to the state of the art in composites and automated manufacturing processes. Those with composite background were mainly experienced in conventional manufacturing processes with a strong manual labour component. The presentation introduced them to new manufacturing processes that can be used for the automotive/rail applications.

The agenda for the presentation was divided into 5 different sections:

  1. Design for Composites (Design approaches and software introductions (ESAComp, ComposicaD and Fibersim)
  2. Automated Preforming Processes
  3. Additive Manufacturing
  4. Opportunities for Thermoplastics
  5. New Developments on Textile Technologies


What was the most interesting point for the audience?

The most interesting point for the audience was to learn about all the different automated manufacturing processes and the new materials developments. 

Design for Composites was a much discussed point. Participants learnt about the different approaches to design composites, the advantages and the disadvantages of each approach and also about the importance of software solutions to streamline the design process for cost and time optimization.  


The participants represented 127 organizations from 17 countries (77% Thailand, 14% Asia, 6% Europe, 2% Australia and 1% America). Around 30-40% came from the Rail Industry, 30-40% from within composites industry, and the rest from Automotive and various other industries.


Through this presentation CCS gave the audience a great insight into state of the art technology use. If you did not have the chance to participate, or if you are interested in this topic, please visit us on 15th - 17th November,  JEC ASIA 2016 in Singapore or contact us directly.