Development of an ultrasonic welding head for a robotised deposition of thermoplastic tapes

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Written by Sabine Müller, Student at TU Dresden faculty of Mechanical science and engineering.

Industrial sponsor of the thesis: Composite Cluster Singapore Pte Ltd.



Development of an ultrasonic welding head for a robotised deposition of thermoplastic tapes



CCS and Composites in Automotive


Bangkok, 4/5 July 2017: During this year’s JEC seminar on COMPOSITES IN AUTOMOTIVE (4th - 5th July 2017), Dr. Florian Doetzer talked about main challenges and pitfalls with composite manufacturing in automotive industry. It included an approach how to reduce cost and increase productivity for automotive manufacturers, alongside with case studies for manufacturing solutions.


Dr Florian Speaking

CCS visits Norner

Stathelle, 20 June 2017: Dr. Florian Doetzer met with Norner`s Business Director Henning Baann in Norner`s Headquater in Stathelle, Norway to discuss the campanies' collaboration in the area of material testing for subsea, oil and gas. This is particularly interesting for Singapore and the ASEAN region given the strong representation of this industry.
CCS visits Norner



KDX Launch

Weyarn, Germany, 6 June 2017: It was a big day for KDX. They celebrated the Grand Opening of their R&D Center in Weyarn with distinguished guests such as Mr. Yu Zhong (President of Kangde Group), Mrs Ilse Aigner (Bavarian state minister of economic affairs and media, energy and technology), Mr. Mingde Shi (Ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China), Mr. Peng He (MD KDX Eurpore Composites R&D Center GmbH), Prof. Dr. Klaus Drechsler (Head of TUM's institute for carbon composites) and Mr. Georg Fritzmeier (CEO Fritzmeier Group).

CCS @Rotorcraft Asia 2017

Singapore, 19 April 2017: Dr Florian Doetzer was invited to speak at the conference "Global Vision of Composites in the Helicopter Sector", part of the Rotorcraft Asia 2017 Exhibition, organized by JEC Group in Changing Exhibition on 18-20. April 2017.

He emphasized the increased importance of weight savings for rotary wing aircraft compared to fixed wing aircraft and showed the resulting high percentage of composites usage in helicopter structures. 

CCS @NAMIC AM Summit 2017

Singapore, 6 April 2017: CCS participated with Dr. Florian Doetzer as speaker in the NAMIC AM Summit Series - Aerospace summit at Singapore Expo. 

Together with Peter Rogers from Autodesk he spoke about opportunities through integrating Additive Manufacturing and Composite technologies.

CCS and Autodesk chose this unconventional approach of doing a joint presentation, rather than separate ones to highlight the synergies between Additive Manufacturing and Composites industries. NAMIC’s AM Summit provided an excellent platform for this discussion.

Presentation by Dr Florian Doetzer and Peter Rogers