CCS invited to 1st Global Carbon Cluster Forum in Korea

Jeonju, 6-8 October 2015: Dr. Florian Doetzer was invited by Ha-Jin Song, the Governor of Jeollabuk-do Province in South Korea, to speak at the first Global Carbon Cluster Forum together with other international key figures of the composites community. The event coincided with the 10th International Carbon Festival in Jeonju.

The forum brought leaders from global composite consortia, clusters and institutes together. The talks highlighted the necessity of collaboration between companies and universities on an international level. Significant investments have been made recently by various national governments to support their regional composites ecosystems. An important mission of all those initiatives is to close the "valley of death" between scientific research and industrial operations.

Dr. Doetzer presented Singapore's perspective on these points and highlighted CCS's priorities on automated composite manufacturing and the integration of composite design and composite manufacturing.

The event was supported by the local government and demonstrated the determination of Korean industry to develop composite technologies in support of their domestic players. The participants embarked on a trip to KC-Tech and Hyosung, witnessing the expanding competencies of Korea's Jeonju Carbon Valley area.