Korean Delegation Visit CCS

Singapore, 28 October 2015: A delegation from Korean Province of Jeollabuk have met with CCS directors Lim Chee Meng and Dr. Florian Doetzer today. The visit occurred shortly after Dr. Doetzer had been at the Carbon Festival in Jeonju, Korea upon invitation of the Governor of Jeollabuk Province and reinforces the interest of both sides to collaborate on carbon composite technologies.

The delegation, comprised of 9 persons has met up with CCS to further enhance the links to Korea and invite CCS to engage with Korean industry. Korea has nominated Jeollabuk Province to carry national efforts on Carbon Composites and invested heavily in the creation of an effective ecosystem of companies, research institutes and government support. 

Korean Delegation with CCS directors

Picture shows Korean Delegation in discussion with Lim Chee Meng (Director CCS) and Dr. Florian Doetzer (Managing Director CCS)