This year, CCS was present on the International Composites Conference “Composites in Rail and Automotive: Trends, Innovations and Opportunities” was held on the 15th and 16th of June, 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand. Chiemi Avila Mori, Design Engineer at CCS, covered the topic “Modern Carbon Fiber Composites Production Processes” in her presentation. 

This week, CCS will host a seminar on Software for Advanced Composite Design and Manufacturing on JEC ASIA 2016. The main topics covered are:

  • Design-Optimisations of composite structures based on lay-up parameterization 
  • Composite pressure vessel design and analysis using Composicad software
  • Composites development in the high performance enterprise
  • Radical market changes in robotics and their effects on the industry and market


The conference is a follow up to the talk held in Bangkok earlier this year. The main objective of the talk was to introduce the audience to the state of the art in composites and automated manufacturing processes. Those with composite background were mainly experienced in conventional manufacturing processes with a strong manual labour component. The presentation introduced them to new manufacturing processes that can be used for the automotive/rail applications.

The agenda for the presentation was divided into 5 different sections:

  1. Design for Composites (Design approaches and software introductions (ESAComp, ComposicaD and Fibersim)
  2. Automated Preforming Processes
  3. Additive Manufacturing
  4. Opportunities for Thermoplastics
  5. New Developments on Textile Technologies


What was the most interesting point for the audience?

The most interesting point for the audience was to learn about all the different automated manufacturing processes and the new materials developments. 

Design for Composites was a much discussed point. Participants learnt about the different approaches to design composites, the advantages and the disadvantages of each approach and also about the importance of software solutions to streamline the design process for cost and time optimization.  


The participants represented 127 organizations from 17 countries (77% Thailand, 14% Asia, 6% Europe, 2% Australia and 1% America). Around 30-40% came from the Rail Industry, 30-40% from within composites industry, and the rest from Automotive and various other industries.


Through this presentation CCS gave the audience a great insight into state of the art technology use. If you did not have the chance to participate, or if you are interested in this topic, please visit us on 15th - 17th November,  JEC ASIA 2016 in Singapore or contact us directly.