JEC ASIA 2016 Summary

  • Posted on: 28 November 2016
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For CCS, the presence on JEC ASIA 2016 was an event filled exhibition.

On Tuesday 15th Nov 2016, CCS had organized a conference track on “Software for Composite Design and Manufacturing”. International speakers from Componeering (Finland), ComposicaD Inc (Belgium/USA), SIEMENS (Hongkong) and Robotmaster (USA) presented software solutions related to composites. The presentations focused on efficient design processes and integration between design engineering and manufacturing. Thereby they addressed key challenges for cost-effective production, whether through automation / robotics or through streamlining manual production operations.

Dr. Florian Doetzer (CCS) with the speakers of his conference track

In the afternoon, CCS hosted the start-up competition in “Composites and Additive Manufacturing”. Eight chosen finalists pitched their business ideas. The jury consisting of:

  • Dr Florian Dötzer  (Managing Director CCS)
  • Mr. Peng He (Managing Director, KDX)
  • Mr. John Lu (Director Manufacturing & Engineering, SPRING Singapore) 
  • Mr. Alexander Mager (Managing Director, Ludwig- Bölkow Campus)
  • Prof Peter Middendorf (Director, Institut für Flugzeugbau, University Stuttgart)
  • Mrs. Frédérique Mutel (President & CEO, JEC Group)
  • Mr. Henry Hyunkyu Shin (Director, Kolon Innovation Composites Center)


judged the finalist on the robustness of their business model, level of innovation, market assessment and  team capabilities.

The finalist start-ups:

  • AirGo Design, Singapore
  • Asian Resource Centre, Singapore
  • Composite Reinforcement Solutions, Australia
  • Five Oceans, Australia
  • Loue Bicycles, Singapore
  • Ocean 5 Technologies, Singapore
  • ST Advanced Composites, India
  • TnK Co, South Korea

Start up Village

The proud cash price winners are Five Oceans and TnK, AirGo Design won the special prize. Five Oceans was awarded for their game-changing concept of recycling plastic ocean waste into composite products. TnK convinced the jury with their innovative carbon fiber heating system. AirGo Design presented their radically new design of an aircraft passenger seat with composite structure.

The winners Five Oceans, TnK, AirGo Design and the Jury of the Start up Competition


Wednesday 16th Nov 2016, KCTECH (South Korea) and CCS signed an MoU to collaborate on joint R&D, development and commercialization of carbon materials and composites in general. Both organizations also strive to join forces for training, education, consulting, etc. and promote bi-national exchange, cooperation, investment. 

KCTECH and CCS signing the MoU


The remaining time was filled with interesting discussions about the future of the composites market, possible projects and collaborations. The exhibits shown at the CCS Pavillion shared with its partners from Componeering, ComposiCAD and SIEMENS have been a main point of attraction, as well as the other CCS - associated exhibits on the innovation corner, such as NUS’s Prof. Florian Schaetz’s modular facade systems employing composite material.


Finally, on the last day, Thursday 17th Nov 2016, CCS invited 44 JEC visitors to the Advanced Remanufacturing Technology Centre - ARTC. This visit enabled the visitors to better understand the capabilities built up in Singapore to remanufacture high-end components and further develop future of manufacturing technologies.


Thanks to all visitors, participants, partners and collaborators for making this event a great success for CCS!

Thank you from the CCS team with partners