Composite Cluster Singapore and Seifert and Skinner Group join forces

  • Posted on: 8 December 2016
  • By: admin


Composite Cluster Singapore (CCS) and Seifert and Skinner Group (SSG) have joined together to target the Asian markets for composite pressure vessels (CPV). These vessels encompass a large variety of sizes, ranging from small CPVs, such as the ones used in consumer or specialized industrial applications, up to large scale CPVs used in offshore, oil & gas. Together, both groups address the growing needs for composite pressure vessel design, manufacturing and certification in the Asia-Pacific region.

This partnership allows both companies to combine their expertise and networks to provide a one-stop solution with a local team operating out of Singapore. At the heart of the partnership is the software suite ComposicadTM, a product of SSG company Composicad, Inc. It is a set of software packages that generate the patterns needed by CNC equipment to produce filament wound and fiber placed composite parts. Composicad focuses on the whole part, making it very easy to generate and maintain winding patterns. Composicad generates the most accurate and fastest winding patterns. It is a key element to support customers setting up CPV manufacturing or upgrading their operations.

Another Seifert and Skinner Group company, Optimum CPV, also brings the ability to design, prototype, test and certify composite pressure vessels to any standard. Optimum CPV has filament winding equipment and the design resources to develop and manufacture optimized prototypes. During the past year, US$ 300.000 were invested to upgrade the testing equipment to certify large size cylinders for CNG transportation of more than 1000 L and high pressure hydrogen tanks for automotive applications at 350- 700 bar.

“We are very pleased that we can work with Composite Cluster Singapore and their clients to help them design and produce composite pressure vessels. The partnership will produce a strong resource for developers and producers of these vessels in Asia. We look forward to a great relationship.”, says Michael Skinner, Managing Director of the Seifert and Skinner Group.

“We are proud to work with Seifert and Skinner Group, the world’s leading composite pressure vessel (CPV) experts. Through this collaboration we are able to provide full- spectrum solutions including design, manufacturing and certification of CPV’s, as well as supporting customers in building their own capabilities in any of those domains.” concludes Dr. Florian Doetzer, Managing Director of CCS.


About Seifert and Skinner Group (SSG): SSG, a worldwide well known and high quality design group, are the facilitators of Composite Technology. They meet deadlines, deliver a quality product, maintain client confidentiality, have ISO9001 certification and provide worldwide support for many clients around the world. SSG also works with other world class companies to improve composite pressure vessels, develop better liners for lower permeability and lower cost, improve fiber and resin systems for increased performance and lower cost, design better bosses and fitting approaches to lower weight and cost, which combined with the best possible filament winding technology, ComposicadTM, produce an OptimumCPVTM.