CCS @JEC World 2017 in Paris


This year, CCS used JEC World 2017 in Paris, to play an active part of the composite industry. The most exciting event was the global launch of the SAMBA fiber patch preforming machine from CCS's Partner Cevotec.


A very interesting exhibit was an actual crane boom by RIBA Composite and the Building Planet pavilion.

Crane Boom by RIBA

Big players of the aerospace industry were represented, but the excitement came from the automobile. There were many over moulding production and exhibits that clearly showed the progress this industry made in using composites.

The rapid use of overmolding and compression moulding manufacturing processes in the automobile industry will propel other industries to do the same. CCS strongly believes that this method will also be the most doable in Singapore because of it already mature plastic injection moulding industry. 

Material manufacturers were represented through suppliers such as SGL Carbon, Teijin, Mitsubishi, Toray, Nippon Steel, etc. Mitsui Chemical was participating for the first time in Paris. They were promoting themselves as an end to end solution provider, which makes them particularly interesting for the Asian market. 
As CCS is very active in the area of manufacturing processes, their representatives engaged with relevant machines and equipment exhibitors. Another interesting area was in the post composite production secondary processes, as in sanding, edge cutting and NDT.

Overall CCS's visit and engagement with JEC World was a business enlarging and vibrant interaction. We are looking forward to continue our representation at the Rotorcraft 2017 exhibition in Singapore mid April 2017. Dr Doetzer was invited by JEC Group to present at their co-located conference "Global Vision of Composites in the Helicopter Sector.