CCS @NAMIC AM Summit 2017

Singapore, 6 April 2017: CCS participated with Dr. Florian Doetzer as speaker in the NAMIC AM Summit Series - Aerospace summit at Singapore Expo. 

Together with Peter Rogers from Autodesk he spoke about opportunities through integrating Additive Manufacturing and Composite technologies.

CCS and Autodesk chose this unconventional approach of doing a joint presentation, rather than separate ones to highlight the synergies between Additive Manufacturing and Composites industries. NAMIC’s AM Summit provided an excellent platform for this discussion.

Presentation by Dr Florian Doetzer and Peter Rogers

The trend to digitise design and manufacturing processes, as well as the need to further improve the performance of products is driving both technologies - AM and Composites. While both share similar approaches regarding the design process - composites are made by an “additive” fashion after all - their strengths play out in different types of structures. While AM excels in extremely complex, but usually rather small components, composites are great for large / longish structures optimised for strength vs. weight. The intelligent combination of both technologies provides large opportunities. The challenge is to manage complexity of design, as well as to integrate the manufacturing of both.

The expected benefits are stunning however. Getting the best of both worlds will result in lightweight, efficient and functionally integrated components.

CCS will collaborate with SUTD to kick off a project in this direction in June 2017. The project is funded by NAMIC and will explore guidelines and rule-sets for the combination of both technologies.