CCS and partners launch Composite Application Center in Singapore

Hannover, 24 April 2018: CCS has joined forces with an international group of companies and research entities and announced the launch of the Singapore based Composite Application Center (CAC)

Its aim is to drive the development of advanced composites by delivering industry- and application-focused services to specific regional and global markets. At the Germany-Singapore Business Forum at Hanover Fair, three representatives of the group of ten companies and two research entities signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the launch of CAC.

“With this initiative we are responding to the request of the composites industry to bring together partners of all stages of the composites value chain,” said Dr. Florian Doetzer, Managing Director of Composite Cluster Singapore. “Through this integration the Composite Application Center will be able to develop end-to-end solutions.”

“We cannot develop the manufacturing concept without talking to the materials company, but we cannot develop from the materials point of view if we don’t talk to equipment manufacturers. Above all, we need to talk to the customers to understand their needs. Everyone is part of the solution, with CAC we can cover the whole value chain to deliver end-to-end solutions.”

CAC will provide a platform for developers and users of composite technologies focusing on customer trials, prototyping, pilot manufacturing, maintenance, training and support services. Product companies can leverage on CAC’s combined expertise and facilities to reduce initial investments and risk for composite related product design & manufacturing. Manufacturers are able to utilize CAC’s support to build or expand their composite manufacturing capabilities. 

The Composite Application Center will closely collaborate with international leaders in composites research, to tap into the latest technologies and to create best of industry solutions. By working closely with regional education & training centers CAC will support the growth of a sustainable talent pool and skilled workforce. The partners in CAC will cover all parts of the composite value chain, including materials, software, manufacturing equipment, process technologies, as well as general manufacturing and product development. The ability to cover end-to-end solutions is already reflected in the synergetic setup of the launch partners and will be further strengthened through additional partners.

CAC will officially start its operation on May 1, 2018 and will ramp-up activities and capabilities throughout this year. Additional partners are slated to join in later this year and the group is open for other interested companies. The Launch partners are: