KDX Launch

Weyarn, Germany, 6 June 2017: It was a big day for KDX. They celebrated the Grand Opening of their R&D Center in Weyarn with distinguished guests such as Mr. Yu Zhong (President of Kangde Group), Mrs Ilse Aigner (Bavarian state minister of economic affairs and media, energy and technology), Mr. Mingde Shi (Ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China), Mr. Peng He (MD KDX Eurpore Composites R&D Center GmbH), Prof. Dr. Klaus Drechsler (Head of TUM's institute for carbon composites) and Mr. Georg Fritzmeier (CEO Fritzmeier Group).

CCS @Rotorcraft Asia 2017

Singapore, 19 April 2017: Dr Florian Doetzer was invited to speak at the conference "Global Vision of Composites in the Helicopter Sector", part of the Rotorcraft Asia 2017 Exhibition, organized by JEC Group in Changing Exhibition on 18-20. April 2017.

He emphasized the increased importance of weight savings for rotary wing aircraft compared to fixed wing aircraft and showed the resulting high percentage of composites usage in helicopter structures. 

CCS @NAMIC AM Summit 2017

Singapore, 6 April 2017: CCS participated with Dr. Florian Doetzer as speaker in the NAMIC AM Summit Series - Aerospace summit at Singapore Expo. 

Together with Peter Rogers from Autodesk he spoke about opportunities through integrating Additive Manufacturing and Composite technologies.

CCS and Autodesk chose this unconventional approach of doing a joint presentation, rather than separate ones to highlight the synergies between Additive Manufacturing and Composites industries. NAMIC’s AM Summit provided an excellent platform for this discussion.

Presentation by Dr Florian Doetzer and Peter Rogers

Composite Cluster Singapore and Seifert and Skinner Group join forces


Composite Cluster Singapore (CCS) and Seifert and Skinner Group (SSG) have joined together to target the Asian markets for composite pressure vessels (CPV). These vessels encompass a large variety of sizes, ranging from small CPVs, such as the ones used in consumer or specialized industrial applications, up to large scale CPVs used in offshore, oil & gas. Together, both groups address the growing needs for composite pressure vessel design, manufacturing and certification in the Asia-Pacific region.

JEC ASIA 2016 Summary


For CCS, the presence on JEC ASIA 2016 was an event filled exhibition.

On Tuesday 15th Nov 2016, CCS had organized a conference track on “Software for Composite Design and Manufacturing”. International speakers from Componeering (Finland), ComposicaD Inc (Belgium/USA), SIEMENS (Hongkong) and Robotmaster (USA) presented software solutions related to composites. The presentations focused on efficient design processes and integration between design engineering and manufacturing. Thereby they addressed key challenges for cost-effective production, whether through automation / robotics or through streamlining manual production operations.

Dr. Florian Doetzer (CCS) with the speakers of his conference track


This year, CCS was present on the International Composites Conference “Composites in Rail and Automotive: Trends, Innovations and Opportunities” was held on the 15th and 16th of June, 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand. Chiemi Avila Mori, Design Engineer at CCS, covered the topic “Modern Carbon Fiber Composites Production Processes” in her presentation. 

This week, CCS will host a seminar on Software for Advanced Composite Design and Manufacturing on JEC ASIA 2016. The main topics covered are:

CCS at Republic Poly's Advanced Composites Diploma Graduation

Singapore, 19 November 2015: CCS has been invited for the graduation ceremony of the Specialist Diploma for Advanced Composites (SDAC) at Republic Polytechnic. The event has brought together graduates, staff and external lectures. CCS is supporting the program by lecturing some of the modules.

Picture shows Dr. Florian Doetzer (Managing Director CCS) with Republic Polytechnic staff and graduates

Korean Delegation Visit CCS

Singapore, 28 October 2015: A delegation from Korean Province of Jeollabuk have met with CCS directors Lim Chee Meng and Dr. Florian Doetzer today. The visit occurred shortly after Dr. Doetzer had been at the Carbon Festival in Jeonju, Korea upon invitation of the Governor of Jeollabuk Province and reinforces the interest of both sides to collaborate on carbon composite technologies.

CCS and AFPT have signed an agreement to collaborate


Singapore/Dörth, 23 October 2015: Composite Cluster Singapore Pte Ltd (CCS) and AFPT GmbH have signed an agreement to substantiate their collaboration regarding AFPT’s technology in Asia.
CCS and AFPT target to address additional regional and vertical markets, further expanding the reach of AFPT’s technology. CCS will act as regional center of excellence for AFPT and develop application related solutions for customers building on AFPT’s technology. The ASEAN region enjoys a growing market of high-performance composites and an increasing need for automation. Through their partnership, AFPT and CCS are able to address those markets by combining advanced equipment technology and regionalized solution engineering. Additionally, both companies will benefit from their mutual network of customers, partners and suppliers.